Workshops, webinars and career fairs by universities have become the norm for high schools today. When it comes to selecting a university or college to pursue higher education, Indian students are spoilt for choice! While most students make calculated decisions, there are a good bunch of them who are often confused when it comes to selecting the best university.

Based on a study done by US News, we have come up with 20 key questions in which students can ask admission officers to get clarity on what the university has to offer.

—How much writing and reading are expected?

—What is the average class size of introductory classes?

—What is the average class size of upper-division courses?

Academic Perks

—What opportunities are there for undergraduate research?

—How many students can participate in undergraduate research?

—Do you have an honors college?

Financial Aid

—What is the average financial aid package?

—What is the typical breakdown of loans versus grants?

—What is the average merit award?

—What percentage of students receive college grants?

—What work-study opportunities are there?

Graduation Track Record

—What is your four-year graduation rate?

—What does it take to graduate in four years?

Academic Support

—What type of tutoring program are available?

—Do you have a writing centre?

Other Opportunities

—How many students get placed?

—What type of career services do you have?

Student Life

—What percentage of student life on campus?

—How long are dorm accommodations guaranteed?

—How many students live on campus?

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