In a world that boasts of big data and prefers objectivity over subjectivity, The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry of India made history with the India Ranking Report 2016. It released a first-of-its-kind indigenous ranking framework for higher education institutions in India, in response to global rankings in which Indian universities and colleges usually do not fare too well.

In fact, some of the best universities in the world from an undergraduate perspective don’t show up in any of the global rankings because they are not researching intensive institutions. National rankings are often better informed regarding the overall undergraduate student experience.

The ‘India Rankings 2017’ had a participation of over 4,200 universities pan India, ranked holistically on the basis of 5 parameters that evaluate an institution’s ability to provide the best undergraduate experience.Top Indian Universities 2017: Official Rankings by the HRD Ministry of India

Below are the 25 Universities that made it to the top in the India Rankings 2017 – 

You can see the complete lists of rankings here.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has also Indian Universities and Colleges on the basis of their domains, you can see the list of rankings by domain here.