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Have you ever wondered how different your life could have been if you had chosen another career for yourself? Though we are at the right place at the right time, there is always this curiosity about an unknown life that could have been, had we become an IT professional or a lawyer. 

At Univariety, we encourage students to take an actual test that can bring this curiosity to the fore. It’s called the Ideal Career Test (ICT). Several of our partner schools have helped their students identify new career paths that they hadn’t even thought of, thanks to this test. One such school is The Indian Public School in Erode, Tamil Nadu (TIPS). 

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How Did These Students Discover Something New? 

We decided to delve deeper and spoke to a few Class XI students from TIPS. Out of 65 students who took the ICT, more than 50% of them were in for a surprise. They found that the subjects they had chosen for further studies, out of their interest, were not the ones they necessarily had the aptitude for. Medicine, Bioscience & Biotechnology were some of the top picks but the report had a different story to tell. 

“ICT really helped me!”

I’m Jayashree*, a class XI student of The Indian Public School. I study the Cambridge curriculum. I always thought I knew what I wanted to do in my career. So, I was very confident that I would end up doing either a Bachelor’s course in Commerce or in Business Administration. 

Then, I was told about the Ideal Career Test and that it would help me reaffirm my belief in my choices. But, when I took the test and received my report, I was mildly surprised. The report suggested ‘Law’ as my top pick, depending on my responses. Honestly, I hadn’t even thought of that earlier! 

Ideal Career Test:

top 3 ideal careers

These were the three paths suggested to me, whereas my preferences were Bachelor of Commerce and BBA. 

The test not only gave me my top picks but also showed me what my biggest strengths were, where my interests lay, and what personality type I was.Law ideal career test report

I had the highest aptitude for detail. When I work, I am fast and accurate. But I also easily analyze things very deeply. I also enjoy talking numbers and I’m comfortable with them. What I didn’t know was that these were some of the skills that a lawyer also possesses. 

Ideal career test report

I like talking to new people. I also ask a lot of questions. If I believe in something, I fight for it and explain to people why it is the right thing to do. I also like to help my friends and make them happy. My mother often says that I look for logic in everything and need facts to back every statement. It makes her irritable sometimes. But, it seems a lot of lawyers also do that! 

Keeping these qualities relevant, the ICT recommended that I take up Law as a career. It requires meticulous work, a curious mind, and the ability to talk to people. The report was able to look at my interests and merge them with my aptitudes. I always knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of those around me. My strong social skills and inclination for service threw up Law as a suggestion.

I decided to switch my first option from Commerce/Business Administration to Law. I am now going to pursue Law in college and I’m very excited!

If I hadn’t taken the ICT, I might not have had this idea. It helped me discover a new path that is suitable for my personality. I feel confident and happy now! 

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