A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

In our last feature, UniVoice we featured educators of the country and their response to our Education Survey, 2019. The insights definitely helped us understand how to perceive various trends in Education. 

In our Second Edition, we present educators who are making a difference in their Schools. 

Every fourth Saturday of October, we celebrate the Make A Difference Day to bring community service as a forefront in a mission to improve the lives of others. 

Organizations, big or small, contribute actively to this mission.

Schools are the most important units in the educational fabric of any country. School Leaders, definitely, do a lot in promoting harmony and make a difference to the lives of scores of students. 

We decided to feature some leaders for their efforts at making a difference on their School Campus. These responses show the magnitude of efforts school leaders are putting in making students responsible citizens of the future. School LeadersUnivariety Univoice 3

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