Stepping into an educator’s mantle is a responsibility of the highest order. As educators, you not only teach and inspire students but also guide them towards a sparkling future. And hence, it is natural for you to come from a place of power and have the authority to be the most influential person in a student’s life.

The real question is – How do you make that powerful impact?

Case and Point – The story of Nadia Lopez, an urban middle school principal from New York who, with her positive outlook towards life, changed the future of her students.

When she inspired her students to do more with their lives, to study, to go beyond academics; not once did she think that she would meet Ex-President Barack Obama at the Oval Office. Her determination and zeal towards building successful careers for her students paved the way for a successful fundraising campaign. The campaign gave her national spotlight and raised close to $1.4M to take her school out of shambles and send her students to Harvard.

Principal Lopez encourages her students to set up Clubs, attend Summer Programs, visit Universities to get inspired and to always have faith in themselves. She constantly works on building their confidence. She(Nadia Lopez, an urban middle school principal) addresses her students as scholars as she believes that there’s so much more to them than coming from broken homes and poverty.

This is what her student said about her –

Take Inspiration From This School Principal Who Met Barack Obama

Nadia Lopez did what she had to in order to help her students. Back home, we have thousands of students whose struggle have nothing to do with education but everything to do with communication. They are able to get good grades, but, are unable to make themselves employable. The Exit Test being made mandatory for Engineering students is proof of the gap that exists between having knowledge and employability.

How can we help our students? How can we make a powerful impact on their lives? How can we mold them for the better?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. However, there are factual answers. We help them go beyond academics. We help them take courses that challenge them to get out of their shell, which makes them learn new things, hone existing skills. Simple participation in a MUN can do wonders for their confidence. A 10-day course in Public Speaking can polish them up. An introduction to 21st Century Skills can make them 56% more employable.

This isn’t us saying this. This is what top educators across India feel.

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All we ask you to do is, remember – You are not only responsible for their academic enrichment, but also, for making them successful leaders of tomorrow!