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Summer holidays are fun, but it is also the time of the year when you can develop some skills that will prove to be helpful in your life. So, instead of spending another summer finishing your assignments and home-work, do something through which you can gain life experience, and find out your undiscovered skills.

The standard curriculum of your school may not always teach you all the skills that you’d need in your life. So, it is best to utilize your time during the summer holidays to find out what you really like doing and who knows, you just might be able to make a lucrative career out of it.

Identifying What You’re Good At

You may already have a lot of skills that you’re not aware of. They don’t always come from jobs but many of these are developed during your school and college years. Extracurricular activities, internships, volunteering, the clubs and teams that you’re a part of also play a big part in making you good at something.

For example:

  • Finishing assignments under deadline will teach you time management skills
  • Being part of debate club will teach you communication and persuasion skills
  • Playing a sports like football or cricket can teach you teamwork and leadership skills

Discover Your Ideal Career Based On Your Skills

5 Productive Things To Do This Summer

If you still can’t figure out what your skills are or you’re up to developing the skills that you already have, this summer do something that you’ve always wanted to. Want to channel your inner artist? Enroll in a creative writing course. Looking for something more career inclined? Get an internship.

Let this summer be the time you remember as the time when you found your secret superpower. Here are some of the productive summer programs you can choose from:

1. Get A Junior MBA Degree

India is home to one of the largest start-up ecosystems in the world. If you have a cool idea to sell and want to be the master of your own, you can become a start-up founder. So, learn the skills to market and sell, and there will be nothing to stop you. Besides getting a junior MBA degree will also prepare you for your higher studies if you see yourself conquering the corporate world someday.

Know more about Junior MBA course by Clever Harvey

2. Show Your Love For The Environment & Community

Nothing represents the power of youth more than being part of a cause. If you care about your environment and the community as a whole, be the voice of change. Volunteering for NGOs such as Fridays For Future doesn’t just offer great experience but also helps you become a more aware and compassionate person. Besides, with volunteering experience you can build your career in the morally rewarding social sector.

3. Make Your Voice Heard

You may be the smartest person in your class but unless you have the confidence to speak your mind in front of other people, you’ll become invisible in the real world. So, how to make your voice heard? By learning public speaking skills, of course. Know how to keep the attention of a large crowd and impress them with this invaluable skill that’ll help you all throughout your life.

Check Out Our Public Speaking Program

4. Go Behind The Silver Screen

Love movies? We do too! But have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes? Take on the magical tour into how it all comes together. This summer apart from checking off that long list of flicks, you can also learn about filmmaking with the masters.

Learn Filmmaking With Howard Rosemeyer

5. Add Color To Your Dreams

With the excessive load of academics often students let go of their artistic skills. So, when you have time during summer holidays, pick up that pallet of colors and brush and paint something extraordinary. Join a group of kindred spirits and instructors at a summer workshop and don’t forget to paint the town red!

They say the early bird catches the worm, well, worm or no worm, spots for summer programs are filling up soon, so you ought to hurry! Let it be the summer you found your secret superpower!

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