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Ever heard of ‘Fridays for Future’?


Well, it is also known as the Youth Strike for Climate Movement. It is primarily aimed at raising consciousness against climate change and to protest the inaction of the Government authorities to it. 

Climate change is real 

Climate change is realBut the measures of state heads towards it reeks of apathy. To protest this, students from over 185 countries across various parts of the world came together. 

The movement started, officially,  in August 2018 after Greta Thunberg protested outside the Swedish parliament for concrete action towards climate change. 

She called for a strike every Friday until the Swedish Government revised its policies in accordance with the need for climate change. It gained momentum and gradually, people from across the world began mobilizing and demonstrating in front of parliaments and public places making a global movement.

 The climate strikes are registered to take place in more than 2,350 cities.

The Global Climate Strike(Fridays for Future) which shook major cities across the world will be taking place till September 27. It starts just before the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019 that is scheduled to take place on September 23.

Parallelly, millions of adults will join them in the Global #ClimateStrike by walking out of their workplaces and homes.  

In India, lakhs of students protested across major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and more came together to protest the inaction by the Government in this regard.

Why are students protesting?

students protestingThough climate change affects everyone, the future of this is going to borne by the next generations. They will bear the brunt in the coming decades. This has led to increasing sentiments behind these student movements such as  “broken promises” of older generations, use fossil fuels, increased CO2 emissions and eventually, increasing average global temperatures.

Mihir Khandkar from Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel, Navi Mumbai wisely opines –

Dr pillai global academy logo“Pollution is the top cause of this. It has affected the whole atmosphere on Earth. We should reduce if we have to stay on this planet!

UN Sustainable Development Goals call for Climate Justice. Keeping this in mind, school students have turned into “Climate warriors”. 

Nature has been nurturing us since time immemorial. It’s time to nurture nature!

global climate strikeglobal climate strike Indian Student about Climate changes

What measures are you practicing to control Climate Change?


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