Your School’s BEST bet!

Your school has been investing in a number of programs for the holistic development of your students, be it counselling sessions, motivational workshops or anything got to do with student guidance. But what is missing?


Students who walked on campus and made similar choices which can now bring in the much-needed clarity for your current batch. Your alumni is indeed your best bet when it comes to guiding your students.

How can they guide?

Alumni has answers to all of your student’s issues (maybe more than they even thought of !). Right from guiding on:

  • Courses to choose
  • Building a strong profile for college application(s)
  • Entrance Tests to appear for
  • Colleges to apply to
  • Settling down in a new city, and so on.

But how can I track my alumni?

This is the easiest step when it’s down to managing your alumni. Imagine a neat interface which helps you track down your alumni to the T. It is no longer a dream! Univariety brings in cutting-edge technology which helps you manage your alumni in the best way possible.

What all does it comprise of? 

  1. Dynamic Alumni Search: You can easily find out your alumni’s whereabouts, by just a click of a button! Dynamic Alumni Search


Through a simple search query, you unlock a treasure of deep data related to your alumni.

This includes:

  • Course Enrolled for,
  • Country Selected, and
  • Alumni Profile Details
Alumni's Course and Country Search

Alumni’s Course and Country Search

  1. 24*7 Connect: Customize an alumni message and share it with your network, be it for:
  • Alumni Meetup,
  • Fundraiser, or an
  • Upcoming School event

Just draft a single message and customize it as per requirement!

Alumni Events

Alumni Events

Invite them to these events and track the registrations and send in a customized message all by a single dashboard interface! You can also follow up and engage your alumni post the successful completion of the event. Now you can build your own school’s network with just one single platform.

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  1. Guidance at your doorstep: Your alumni can help you in guiding your students on a range of issues, be it for:
  • Preparing for Board exam,
  • Acing entrance exams,
  • Identifying the right course and college,
  • Building Resumes for foreign and domestic university applications, and
  • Applying for Scholarships, etc.

You can filter each of these based on the alumni’s chosen course and college to get the most accurate information at your end.

Alumni Guidance

Alumni Guidance

By managing your alumni well, you open doors to a diverse network which gives your students and your school an edge in this ever-changing educational arena.


With top schools managing their alumni digitally, it’s time you went digital too!


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